Classes Canceled

Some Texoma kids are in for a big adjustment next school year.  Ringgold Elementary School has decided to shut its doors.  The school currently has only thirty-five students.

Some school officials say with that small amount of students, the amount of money they are spending to keep the school running is too much.

"We are just looking for ways to help be financially prudent with our funds and to best educate the kids," said Gold-Burg Superintendent Kenny Miller.

While shutting down Ringgold is disappointing, its necessary.

Miller said,"We are just attempting to do the best we can to serve the students here."

The best idea, school board officials decided, is to consolidate with Stoneburg High School.  The consolidation will not only save the ISD money, but hopefully save the ISD itself.  Right now the total number of students at Stoneburg High and Ringgold Elementary is 107.

"We have been told if we get below 90 students that we wont get government funding and we are pretty well going to be closing both schools," said school board member Snake Allen.

Allen is in favor of the consolidation, mainly because it might help keep the school district up and running.

He said,"Nobody wanted to close the little school, but we feel like we are having to do what we have to do."

Allen said moving the elementary school to Stoneburg will bring it closer to Bowie and it's going to be important for the school to get more kids from Bowie to increase their enrollment and stay afloat.

The reaction from Ringgold residents is mixed.

Miller said, "We have heard from community members at board meetings."

Newschannel 6 talked to community members about what they think about the school closing it's doors.  One women said she was disappointed, but understood the reasoning behind the closure.  Her children and grandchildren went to Ringgold, but she says sometimes change is for the best.

Other Ringgold residents say this will just make the town smaller.  They say residents have been leaving and with the loss of the school, they expect families to move away.

Allen said, "It's a disappointment to the older people up there.  A lot of them don't have kids going and the schools just of sentimental value to them.  Nobody wants it closed."

Gold-Burg's Superintendent says all of the Ringgold teachers will keep their jobs and transferred to Stoneburg High School.  The only job that will be lost is the principal.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.