Emergency Crews Test Code Red System

A ringing cell phone could be anyone.  Here in Texoma that call could be from Code Red and it could save your life.

Every listed number in Wichita County is already included in the system, pre-programmed so officials can alert residents about any danger in the community.

Emergency Management Coordinator Lee Bourgoin said, "The reverse 911 or "Code Red" call is like if there's something happening in your neighborhood and you live in Electra or Iowa Park or wherever, we can actually go into the map and block off a portion of a neighborhood and those numbers are actually preloaded, you just draw a line wherever you want the calls made."

Today the county tested the system in Iowa park, Electra, Pleasant Valley, Cashion Community and rural parts of Wichita County. The goal was to establish how quickly the system can deliver calls.

Bourgoin described it like "pouring rocks into a bottle with a neck you know if they get jammed up in there its gonna slow up everything, but if you slow up the flow of the rocks they'll all get through."

I asked Bourgoin if today's test was successful and he said, "it looks like we had a pretty good connect rate, 73% of all the calls that were made were connected."

Burgoin says the agency has been working hard to educate people about the system.
Many Newschannel 6 viewers commented on our Facebook page last September confused about the use of the Code Red alert. Now the agency is working to clear up the confusion.

"What we've done over the last two years is we've done a lot of advertising.  We've put a lot of notices in the newspaper, we've done a lot more testing, we've refined our scripts better that we send out to make them more clear and concise."

If you want to sign up for the Code Red System or control your weather and other alerts you can visit the county web site here.  If you would like to be removed from the system entirely, you can call the Wichita County Emergency Management Office at (940) 763-0820

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6