Green Again

Wind Creek golf course at Sheppard Air Force Base has seen some hard times.  Harsh winters and hot summers damaged the greens, but now the golf course manager says things are back and better than ever.

Paul Peters the course manager says last year they lost about $60,000 in income.  Damage to the greens was so bad they had to fully replace them.

Peters said,"Last year we lost all of our greens due to winter kill so had to replace them all."

Last year these greens were in bad shape, putting the golf course in jeopardy.

"From May to July last year we lost a lot of income because of that," said Peters.  "This golf course has financially had problems over the years."

It takes this course about 20,000 rounds each year to keep it financially stable, but Peters said, "Last year because we had that bad summer we did 16,000 last year."

That led to talks about a possible closure, but Peters said that's not the case anymore.

"The golf course is not closing in June," Peters explained.

The greens have all been replaced and he says things are back and even better.

"Our greens are in excellent shape," he said.

Now the course is looking forward to getting back what was lost.

"We are anticipating a lot of play." Peters said the course is open to the public, but you do need a pass to get on base.

He says last year they had about twenty applications for passes each month, now they receive twenty applications each week.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.