Education Forum: Issues Impacting Hispanic Students

Educational issues impacting Hispanic students in Wichita Falls are being addressed. Hispanic community leaders and Wichita Falls Independent School District officials are coming together to address the issue first hand.

Texoma's Hispanic leaders and organizations are taking steps to change old ways and improving the academic success of students. Gonzalo Robles, Education Consultant with Cafe Con Leche, said, "If we are going to be successful we must educate all students, especially Hispanic students due to the numbers and demographics out there."

Numbers from the Wichita Falls ISD show that right now Hispanic students are the largest growing minority population. Robles said in order to ensure student success changes need to be made on both ends.

"We want to let the parents know how important it is for them to get involved in the education process of their children." Robles added, "At the same time the district needs to understand that in order to bring those parents in, they have to be aware of the cultural issues."

The WFISD is actively working with the Hispanic coalition to understand how to better accommodate Hispanic parents and students. Robles commented, "We have met with the Superintendent and the school board and they are aware of our concerns. They know we want to work together to resolve these issues."

Cafe Con Leche officials say they hope parents attend the bilingual forum to get questions answered.

If you would like more information about the bilingual forums you can contact Gonzalo Robles at (512) 589 - 1147, or visit Cafe con Leche's website.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6