Clay County Turkey Fest

Businesses around Clay County are gearing up for a busy next few days. Crowds are pouring in from surrounding towns for Turkey Fest. Business owners are expecting to see their sales increase and the local economy is expecting to see a boost.

Scott Catlin, Clay County resident and land owner said sales are good. He's all booked the weekend of Turkey Fest for turkey hunting on his property. Catlin said, "It promotes the hunting resources we have here in Clay County so it's been a good deal for us."

Other local business owners are also seeing their sales increase and expect it to continue throughout the weekend. Alma Jaramillo, Owner of Leal's Mexican Restaurant is staying busy.

Jaramillo commented, "We look forward to it as business owners because it brings a lot of people in and it gives us a lot of people from the surrounding areas."

For the City of Henrietta Turkey Fest brings so much more than food and festivities. It brings out the best of what Clay County offers.

Wade Pierce, Marketing Associate for Turkey Fest, said, "It promotes the natural resources of our community. The whole county and the area have great land and ranches for hunting." Pierce added, "This event is to help focus on those natural resources and the beauty of the area."

Thursday kicked off the start of the celebrity championship turkey hunt, where seven teams from all over the U.S. go head to head spending three days hunting for turkey.

Pierce commented, "Everyone I talk to wants to see downtown grow. We have a beautiful downtown and we are doing some things to get things going again."

Turkey Fest is open now and runs till Sunday. For the first time this year the event is being held in the downtown square in Henrietta. 

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6