Saving on Strawberries: Young's Orchard

This spring crops are full and plentiful for Clay County farming communities recent showers are helping orchards recover from last year's drought.

Steve Young, Owner of Young's Orchard, said, "I have never had strawberry plants that look so good. I mean they look as good as California plants."

Strawberries are plump and juicy ready for picking on Young's Orchard. Mae Freeman, who spent her morning picking strawberries on Young's Orchard said, "I've heard that it was a really good crop and that they're coming in good this year."

All the wet weather has made for a very healthy bountiful crop this spring. A drastic change from this past summer. Young said, "The strawberry plants by mid June were totally dead. There was no use to try to put water on them to keep them alive in that heat."

Young's berries were not the only crops affected, the hot high winds hurt his peach, plumb and pecan trees.

"It's difficult when there's no money coming in and we still have to do the same things."
Young said even though crops were dead chemical sprays and pesticides were still needed, and that really stretched his pockets thin.

Now it's a different story out on the orchard. Young commented, '"I haven't had to put any irrigation on my blackberries because we've had so much rain." Young added, "It's been wonderful and it's saved me time, money and manpower."

Even though the future looks bright with a good crop season Young will continue to stay optimistic.

Young's Orchard is open to the public for anyone wanting to pick fresh strawberries every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Young's Orchard will also display fruits and vegetables at the Wichita Falls Farmers Market, starting May 19th.

If you would like to visit Young's Orchard located in Charlie, you can learn more about what they offer by clicking here for their website.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6