Warning Texoma

Texoma counties are stepping up its emergency communication systems.  Counties like Young, Montague, and Archer are all introducing the North Texas Regional Communications Registry.  The emergency alert system is similar to Code Red.

When residents register online they can choose to receive emails, text messages, or phone calls whenever an emergency strikes.

Texoma emergency managers say it's a quick and convenient way to reach people in specific areas.

"Any kind of emergency or any kind of disaster or severe weather or anything of that nature," said Kelly DeSautel, Archer County's Emergency Manager.

He said this new electronic alert system is going to help reach residents in a new way.

"This kind of system lets us broaden our horizons as far as notifying the public of any kind of disaster or emergency incident," DeSautel said.

It can alert residents of emergencies from water boil orders to tornados.  Residents can choose to be notified through text, email and phone, and it's quick.

"Very fast very effective and it does get the message out and hopefully we can get it out there in a timely manner to where they can take care of themselves and get to shelter," DeSautel explained.

Texoma residents like Eddie Cates say this is something he looks forward to taking advantage of.

"I think it would be a life saving deal.  I think its a great thing," Cates said.

DeSautel said the biggest challenge will be getting residents to sign up, especially the elderly.

"Those are the ones that we are really concerned about because we don't know what kind of technology they are actually relying on."

Registering only takes a matter of minutes.  DeSautel said his office will work hard to make sure word gets out about the new system and how important signing up is.

He said, "We need to really concentrate on trying to get everyone in the populous of Archer County to actually sign up for this so we can have 100% notification at one time even if it's just for a little minor thunderstorm."

Counties like Montague and Young already have the system up and running and Archer wont be too far behind.

They hope to have the system ready for residents next month, before fire season starts.

Participating counties include:

  • Cottle
  • Montague
  • Archer
  • Foard
  • Young
  • Baylor
  • Hardeman
  • Clay
  • Jack

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.