Gas Prices Not Deterring Lake Arrowhead Boaters

We've been fighting the pain at the pump for the last several months but there is good news to report. A gallon of regular unleaded has dropped a 5 cents in the last two weeks. That puts the national average at $3.91 a gallon. It's the first decline in the U.S. average since December. Diesel has also dropped about 4 cents. For many drivers a spike in gas prices often keeps people off the roads. Newschannel 6 found out it's not the same case for boaters.

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon rhythmic waves crash along Lake Arrowhead, created by the surge of boaters.

"It's a recreation," said Wayne Beck.

Travis Hill said gas prices had no effect on his lake outing. In fact he recently purchased a boat.

"I've been wanting one for years and I finally broke down this weekend and went and bought one," said Hill.

He said it's about $120 to fill-up, but it's a gas saver, not guzzler.

"If I was to fill it all the way up they say I should be able to pull an inner tube behind it for at least 2 to 3 days without using a tank of gas."

Hill said more newer model boats like his have better fuel efficient motors. Another Lake Arrowhead boater Jeff Ray spends $100 to fill up his boat. While the price at the pump isn't keeping him at bay it is keeping him local.

"You can come out to Lake Arrowhead for probably 6 or 7 times more for the cost than you can go on one long trip," said Ray. "I feel a lot of my friends that fish are spending a lot more time out here than taking a long trip."

Boating is what many call a recreation activity that doesn't have a price tag.

"It's like baseball. If you love baseball and the price of bats go up it's not going to stop you from playing baseball. The price of gas went up it's not going to stop us from boating," said Texoma boater Wayne Beck.

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Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.