Energy Expo

The Texas Alliance of Energy Producers began their annual expo at the MPEC Tuesday April 24.  The event brings vendors and oil companies from all over the country to Wichita Falls.

The expo has sold thousands of tickets to oil companies and attendees to this years convention.  Officials from the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers said this annual event started very small.

"This convention has grown from a very small event that we did 15-20 years ago to one of the largest oil and gas events in the country," said Jo Ann Baker, the alliance Vice President.

The expo to introduces their clients to the latest and greatest technology in the oil industry.

The Wichita Falls based organization works with smaller independent oil companies, and it has made a name for itself over the years.

Baker said, "We are the largest state association in the country for the independents."

The number of vendors each year has grown too.  "We are excited to be here to show and show off our products," said vendor Tim Algeier.

This year there will be more than 300 booths, and Baker said the number of attendees is even higher.

"We've sold over 4,000 tickets for all of the events."

Baker said the event itself has helped fill hotel rooms because some people travel far for the two day expo.

"We have sold out seven or eight hotels in Wichita Falls.  We have all these people coming from all over the country," she explained.

For the organization, it's not only exciting to offer the events of the expo, but also to bring people from around the country to Wichita Falls.

"They are wanting to see the city.  We are able to showcase all the wonderful things this city has and these people come back from year to year and they just love Wichita Falls," said Baker.

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Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.