Graham Organizations Team Up For "The Week of the Child"

Blue ribbons can be found throughout Graham this month, a sign of people recognizing National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

The ribbons decorate each and every tree in front of Virginia's House, a support and advocacy center for children.  Virginia's House Executive Director Susie Clack said, "Virginia's House is a child advocacy center. We're a C.A.S.A program facility.  We offer mentoring."

Clack has only been director of Virginia's House for a few months, but she quickly realized there is wide spread support for children in the community; support clearly evident this week, "The Week of the Young Child".

Isabel Smith is director of the Parents as Teachers group for Graham I.S.D.  She said, "It takes the whole community.  We've got people from the Graham Police Department involved, from the EMT's... the children go in the ambulance because again it's so important for them to feel comfortable and safe."

The week is highlighted by a parade and day of activities in Graham.  Virginia's House and its partners hope to educate parents and children about child abuse and work together in dealing with it.

Clack said, "Together we're stronger, and that's what we're trying to do is just instead of individually trying to grow and focus on one aspect of child care and child safety and what's best for children, we're trying to work together".

Both women stress just one child abused or neglected is too many.  They hope with programs and awareness, they can protect what matters most to our future.    

"We think that our job right now is to do whatever we can to communicate and offer, I guess you could say, education toward families and teachers about prevention."

The work continues even after the week and month of awareness is over.  May 19th Graham will host the 7th annual "Run for the Children".

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6.