Iowa Park CISD Improvements

Iowa Park hopes to grow its Consolidated Independent School District. It is a vision to make improvements to the districts facilities, but the changes will come with a large price tag.

Making Iowa Park CISD a better and safer place for its students and community is the goal. A $14,700,00 bond package proposal will be needed to upgrade district campuses and sports facilities.

Jerry Baird, Iowa Park CISD Superintendent, said, "We're a business like many other businesses and certainly our tax payers support us. We need these upgrades and we need to be continuously upgrading our facilities."

A slight tax increase of 21 cents will go into affect if the proposal passes. Baird said some distinct buildings haven't been touched in over 40 years, like the Hawk Stadium.

"It's not a sports issue, if we're going to put 2,000 people in those stands we're going to be sure that those stands are safe."

Baird added that a number of changes will be done, including a new entrance and press box for the stadium. New bleacher seating and bathroom facilities will be put in. Campuses will get exterior and interior upgrades, including new technology.

Baird commented, "We know with the technology we have today, we're preparing for what our students are going to be using in the future."

District officials said the majority of the community is on board.

The $14,700,00 bond package has been approved by the school board. Now the residents of Iowa Park will have to vote to put it into action. The district said they are hopeful the bond will pass in the May election, but if it doesn't they will go back to the drawing boards.

The Iowa Park CISD is currently paying off a $4,000,000 debt from previous years. They said that debt will be paid off in the next 7 years. If the bond is passed district officials said the $14,700,000 price tag debt will be paid in the next 20 years.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6