Bus Monitor Fired

A Wichita Falls mother said her daughter was hurt by a school bus monitor while riding a WFISD school bus.

Newschannel 6 worked to find out how issues like this should be reported by parents to school officials.

Complaints go to the company who hires the drivers and monitors, not the WFISD.

School district officials who said they own their own buses, but school bus employees are handled through Durham School Services.

A Durham representative said while they do not get many complaints like this one, they always keep children's safety a top priority.

Minerva Cantu, the mother of the injured child said she was pleased with how the situation was handled by the company.

"She was crying and real upset," Cantu recalled.

She said her daughter reached for a pencil she dropped on the bus floor when the bus monitor stepped in.

"She told me that the school bus monitor went ahead and grabbed the seatbelt."

Cantu said the seatbelt was pulled hard enough to leave a mark.

"It was pulling on her like that and left a mark, a red mark on her neck."

Cantu took pictures of her daughter's neck on her cell phone.  Says she immediately stopped the bus to talk to the monitor.

"He admitted it, that that's what happened," Cantu said.  "He told me not to call the school board."

Cantu called Ben Milam Elementary School, where her daughter is in the 4th grade.  They directed her to the WFISD who said they would notify Durham School Services, which operates the bus system.

Cantu said,"They were going to check into it.  They were going to let me know the next day."

Durham School Services is in charge of hiring and firing drivers and bus monitors.  They immediately put the monitor on administrative leave.  Durham sent Newschannel 6 an email statement confirming the incident.

It read, "We are aware of an incident which occurred yesterday on one of our buses operated in Wichita Falls in which a monitor attempted to adjust a student in her seat by tightening her seat belt."

A second email was sent telling Newschannel 6 that the bus monitor had been let go.

Cantu said the mark on her daughter's neck has faded and she's happy the situation was handled so quickly.

"I didn't want other kids to go through what my daughter went through."

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.