Beat The Summer Heat & Tackle Child Obesity With The YMCA

"School's out for summer" may be a joyful song and expression for children and parents alike, but experts told Newschannel 6 that summer is a threat to your kids' health.

Experts said with an increase in technology over the years, kids tend to want to spend their days indoors playing video games and spending time on the computer, not spending time playing outside in the Texas heat.

Childhood obesity is on the rise across the nation and during the summertime, officials told Newschannel 6, that trend takes a bigger hit.

Experts said that because kids are trying to beat the summer heat, their physical fitness and activity level decreases. They also said summer is less regimented during the day for children, compared to a regular school day. Parents have less control over kids' nutrition and it's more difficult to monitor.

Parents: keep track - that's two strikes against you and your children in the battle of the bulge.

In an effort to combat the statistic, the national YMCA organization is trying to reverse the trend and promote healthy lifestyles for all members of the family, especially kids. On Saturday, April 28, more than 2,000 YMCA branches across the nation are celebrating "Healthy Kids Day."

Wichita Falls YMCA President and CEO, Brandon Brown, said the organization is fighting childhood obesity head on. Brown encouraged all Texomans to do the same for your family by coming out to Texoma's Healthy Kids Day free celebration at Kiwanis Park. Everyone is invited!

The event is all about getting and being healthy as a family during the summer months and all year long. Brown said, "We really encourage the families to bring their children and come as a group! Don't just drop your kids off, but come as a group and really build that bond - that family relationship."

Healthy Kids Day In Wichita Falls

Date: Saturday, April 28

Time: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Location: Kiwanis Park

Healthy Kids Day Activities Include:

- Zumba & Dance

- Basketball

- Volleyball

- Soccer

- Bounce House

- Face Painting

- Scavenger Hunt

- Hot Dogs (Turkey dogs, of course!)

- Fun Walk (Bring your dog!)


Remember, it's FREE For Everyone, so don't miss out!

While you're there, you'll have the opportunity to sign up for more ways to stay fit this summer. You can register for YMCA summer camps and pay NO registration fee!

For tips about how to keep your child active and to see if they're getting enough exercise and/or eating right, check out these tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

For any additional information, visit the Wichita Falls web site by clicking here or check out the organization's Facebook page.

Brittany Glas, Newschannel 6