Ready for Anything

Archer County emergency officials are doing all they can to make sure the county is prepared for any emergency.  The county has had an Emergency Operations Center for some time, but are constantly updating and planning new ways to protect and serve the community.

The Emergency Manager says the facility is important to the county's safety.

Archer County's Emergency Manager says the tools and technology available in the EOC can help the county stay one step ahead when emergency strikes.

While there have not been any major incidents since the EOC was built, preparation is key.

"A lot of people think that we are spending a lot of money for unnecessary needs. There is always a purpose for everything we put in these rooms," said Kelly DeSautel, Archer's Emergency Manager.

He says each and every piece of equipment in the EOC helps county officials and law enforcement do their jobs better.

DeSautel said, "To where we can prevent anymore injuries or any more damage."

Archer County's EOC is in the law enforcement center.  It's outfitted with monitors, radios, and software that makes it an emergency incident hub.

"This room is ready to be set up within the first half hour of the incident."

When it comes to emergencies, time is important.  DeSautel said this room was used last summer.

"When we had that fire outbreak we had six to eight fires in Archer County alone going off at one time."

The county was able to use this facility to track fires.

He said,"We were mapping out where the fires were located at and how many resources we had in each fire."

While we're in severe weather season and fire season coming soon, DeSautel said he thinks this center could be put to good use.

The EOC has plenty of equipment to help protect the county, but with safety as their main priority, the county looks forward to bringing in more technology.

"I do believe we could use a little bit more," said DeSautel.

All of Archer County's Emergency Operations Center equipment was purchased entirely with grant money.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.