Texas State Guard New Members Sworn-In

The newest members of the Texas State Guard's 4th Wing have been sworn in.

The detachment at Sheppard Air Force Base was officially formed in 2011.

Eight members of the newly formed unit participated in the 82nd Training Wing exercise as role players during a Major Accident Response Exercise, or MARE.

This particular batch of guard members is the result of the unit's initial recruiting campaign.

Senior Master Sergeant Dan Hawkins said, "Its interesting because the Texoma area is really starting to learn how to work together in times of disaster and emergency response. We will be able to help not only the city, but the entire Texoma area with communications and sheltering in place type operations, if there was an emergency like a flood or a tornado or something of that nature that forced people from their homes."

The sworn in ceremony was held Thursday, April 26, at the Wichita Theatre.

You can read more about the Texas State Guard at this web site: http://www.txsg.state.tx.us