Burk Man Charged For Injuring Handicapped Child

A Burkburnett man is under arrest and charged with injuring a mentally handicapped toddler.

An officer with the Burkburnett Police Department was dispatched to United Regional's emergency room for a report of injury to a child.

The E.R. nurse said a 2-year-old special needs had bruising from a hand on the left side of his face. The mother had told the nurse the child had fallen in the bathtub. The child also had bruising on the buttocks and genitals.

The officer made contact with the mother, who said she left for work at approximately 5 p.m. and left her child in the care of her babysitter, Donald Allen Caldwell. She said the 29 year old called her at 7:30 p.m. and stated he had given the child a bath between 6-7 p.m. and that the child had fallen and hit his face in the tub. The mother went home to check on her son.

There, the mother found another woman, who said she had arrived shortly after the child had fallen. The mother saw the redness and swelling, and took the child to the hospital. The officer also saw the bruised and swelled areas of the child.

While en route back to the police department, the nurse contacted the officer and told him the mother said she had a 1-year-old still at the residence with Caldwell. When police got there, two females were with Caldwell. A third female subject arrived on scene immediately after, saying she had been asked by the mother to pick up the child. One of the other women said she was Caldwell's mother, and she was there to pick him up.

The following Tuesday, April 24,  a Burk Police Department  Detective met with Caldwell. Caldwell waived his rights to an attorney and said he had been giving both children a bath. He said the injured child was told several times to sit down before he fell. He said the child then fell, striking the left side of his head on the side of the bathtub.

When questioned about the bruises to the child's bottom and genitals, Caldwell said he never saw the bruising and was unaware of it. He had no explanation, and stated he changed the child's diapers and didn't see the bruises before the fall. He said the mother's sister took the child to the hospital and that he never saw the bruising before the time the mother's sister took the child.

The detective then spoke with the mother again and she stated she took the child to the hospital.

Caldwell is being held on $100,000 bond in Wichita County Jail.