Planning for the Future: WFISD Bilingual Students Tour MSU

Wichita Falls Independent School District's bilingual students are looking into the future of higher education. They toured Midwestern State University to get a feel of what the campus life is all about.

Anna Albus, Bilingual and ESL Instructor with the WFISD, said, "They actually sit in a classroom where students do it everyday. It takes some of that fear away from them makes it some much more real."

Making the college experience a reality for WFISD bilingual students is the goal. Students sat in a classroom in the Dillard Business Administration Building.

Albus wants her students to think about higher education. "They can see a different world is out there waiting for them, It's just not here right now." Albus added, "It's also what's in their future and it gets them excited about it."

The students were excited to tour the MSU campus and learn about what's required to get into a university. That is sometimes a conversation not always discussed in the home.

Rebecca Hernandez, Bilingual Director with the WFISD, said, "They start to learn that they can do this so they work academically to get there. Once they get that diploma they can go onto higher education."

Once students become exposed they will take that excitement and motivation back into their school work and households.

"They go back into the home and start talking to their parents about it. When we do have our parental involvement programs we will also talk to the parents about higher education." Hernandez added, "The kids already have enthusiasm about it and so do the parents, they feel it as well."

WFISD officials said each campuses bilingual ESL department is required to reach out to parents. The program not only gets the parents involved, but it offers parents who don't speak English as a first language, a way to get English training.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6