Night in a Box

Hundreds of people are spending the night in boxes at the Sikes Senter Mall.  The event is put on by Faith Mission in an effort to raise awareness about homelessness.  Participants raised money through sponsorships and created temporary homes out of boxes. 

Tayler Thomas is the leader of a Boys and Girls Club group spending the night.
She said, "It teaches them that homelessness is not something to joke around about and that most people go through it and everybody can go through it.  It's nothing to be, you know, ashamed of."

Faith Mission is a community organization based in Wichita Falls.  Night in a Box is one of their largest fundraiser's.  Executive Director of Faith Mission Steve Sparks said, "The homeless population of Wichita Falls deserves our attention and our help and our support.  We hope this awareness tonight will bring that about."

Money raised at this years event will be going toward a very special expansion: a second community facility called Faith Refuge.  The new facility will be a center exclusively for homeless women and mothers.  It will also offer a one year rehabilitation program.

Sparks said, "It's going to give us a lot more beds and it's also going to give us more flexibility. We can separate the men and the women.  We can provide more of a proper environment for the children."

Director of Marketing and Development Vicky Payne said, "It's really a great asset of Wichita Falls.  We're not going to have to turn people away, at least for a while".

Faith Refuge will host a grand opening on May 3rd, with the first residents expected to move in on May 7th.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel6