Christmas In Action Project Day

Thousands of volunteers went to work across Texas Saturday participating in a day of projects for Christmas In Action.  More than 600 volunteers with the Wichita Falls branch of Christmas In Action worked on more than 50 projects in Texoma.

Christmas In Action works to aid low income elderly residents as well as those with physical disabilities.  Cassie Ahearn is the Executive Director of the Wichita Falls group.  She said, "We want them to live in warmth safety and to keep their independence".

A crew of instructors from Sheppard Air Force Base had been working on their project every Saturday this month.  Traci Gaines is the house captain in charge of coordinating their project to build a ramp up to the home.  Gaines said, "We love giving back to the community.  We recognize that there's a need for people to have the community help them out and that's what we're here to do".

Even though Saturday is the official project day, Christmas In Action helps people year round.

Ahearn said, "Even throughout the year sometimes if it's just a roof, like if somebody calls and the roof is leaking and it's an emergency issue we take care of those".

The Texoma group was only able to take on 1/3 of the requested projects, meaning there's still more to be done.  Fortunately, there's already volunteers lining up. 

"We actually have several church teams that are coming in later in the year.  We have a group of about 25-30 kids that are coming in June and then there's teens make a difference day. There are several other opportunities for people to volunteer and help."

Jack Lamson, Newschannel6