Playground Peril

Newschannel 6 is looking out for you and your kids. We took a closer look at playground dangers and how parents may not be aware of those potential hazards.

Tonya Issa, mother of four, is with her youngest and family puppy enjoying the day in the neighbor playground. Never did she think something as simple as sliding down a slide could pose as a safety hazard to her child.

Doctor Lawrence Lyford, Pediatrician and Medical Director with the Community Health Care Center, said, "We have to think about all the different possibilities. It's possible that a toddler could get their foot caught on the side of a slide." Lyford added, "The pressure of the parent could break the toddlers leg."

Lyford said he mostly sees children and toddlers coming in with bumps and bruises as a result of playground equipment. "Just because there's a cushion on the playground equipment, that doesn't mean that falling from it won't break an arm."

Layford added that your child's shoes could get caught on the slide or jewelry can pose as a choking hazard.

"Yeah, I've had kids get jewelry hung up. I haven't necessarily seen a problem other than bruising around the neck, but I don't like to see it because I know it's a possibility."

Now that Tonya is aware of all the possibilities lurking in playgrounds, she will think twice and make sure her kids are safe. "When I'm out doors at the park I'm going to be more aware." Tonya added, "I'll pay attention to what shoes he has on or just keeping an extra eye on him while he's on the slide."

The Community Healthcare Center officials say with the recent weather adjusting from warm to cool, they've had an increase of kids coming in dehydrated. Health experts say make sure your children drink plenty of water, especially while playing sports.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6