Bowie ISD Bond

Bowie is hoping to make some necessary changes to its Independent School District and all the improvements will cost tax payers $9,250,000.

Superintendent Steven Monkres said the $9,250,000 project will touch all four campuses. 
School officials are looking to change out the intermediate campus air conditioning and heating system unit.

Monkres commented, "Replacing that system will provide a much better environment, one that's more conducive to learning. We spend a lot every year maintaining that."

Next on the list, Monkres said replacing roofing and windows in the Junior High building which dates back to the 20's. "We have a lot of leaks year in and year out. Also, we'd like to replace all the exterior windows and doors."

The project will also include adding new baseball and softball fields and tennis courts to the high school campus.

If the project is passed district officials said tax payers will see a slight tax increase, at the most a $6.00 monthly increase.

Monkres said approving the bond will bring more money into classrooms. "In the long run it would be more cost affective for the school district. It will free up some money in maintenance and operations costs." Monkres added, "That saved money can go towards teaching materials, supplies and salaries."

District officials said if the $9,250,000 bond package is passed, senior citizens or renters will not see any tax hikes.

Bowie ISD is currently paying off a previous debt from building the new high school campus.
District officials said if the bond is passed, the $9,250,000 price tag debt will be paid in the next 20 years.

All residents are encouraged to vote on this bond now during early voting or on May 12th.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6