Only On 6: Sheppard Simulator Savings

Training the men and women that serve our country overseas and here at home is expensive.

Whether they are learning what the plethora of switches and buttons inside of a cockpit do, or taking the annually required fire safety training course, nothing beats hands on training.

But hands on training can cost millions of dollars to tax payers.

That's where Sheppard Air Force Bases Instructional Technology Unit comes in. Their goal is to help the instructors bring training to life by using technology.

"We have graphic artists, computer programmers and training specialists, who work with the instructors to build animations, simulations, to help them show more difficult concepts," says Tracey Cain, Instructional Technology Unit Flight Chief.

If the students are having trouble understanding something, the Instructional Technology Unit can go in and break it down.

From a block 2 aircraft fuels course, to C5 air conditioner schematics, and even gaming technology that provides 3d virtual training to the airmen.

Before, they used to do power point and get out the crayons and get out the pencils, " says Rich Mead, Applications Developer.  "What we do is basically take an electrical schematic and make sure everything animates. That way they can actually see the flow filling in."

"In the past, this was a slide show and question and answer. Everybody always talks about doing more with less; this is where it actually happens," says Joel Mendez Applications Developer.

This kind of training would cost much more if it was conducted in the real world.

Project Mananger Pat Gilbert says, "Last year we saved over $1,133,000. This year, we have $433,000 dollars saved producing things locally for the 1st 2 quarters.

Eric crosslin Newschannel 6