Residency Required For First Time License Applicants

Getting your first license or state ID will be a bit more difficult starting May 7th, thanks to new regulations approved by the Texas Legislature.  Applicants will now be required to show proof of residency.

Anyone who wants to get a Texas license or state ID for the first time must bring at least two documents displaying your name and Texas address in addition to the documents already required.

Residents we spoke with outside the Department of Public Safety support the new law.  One resident said, "Its a good idea because people that live here, in the states, it will show that you are a resident of the United States."  Another citizen we spoke with said people should have to prove they are a citizen.

Many Newschannel 6 viewers spoke out about the change on our Facebook page.  Some supported the change, others called it pointless.

There were some specific questions about people who live in Texas but are not able to show the proper documents.  Some asked about moving in with a significant other and having nothing with their name on it.  Others asked about teens living with their parents and applying for their first license.   Another unknown surrounded people temporarily living with a friend.

Newschannel 6 found out the Texas Residency Affidavit is the answer to those questions.  The Affidavit allows someone you're living with to vouch for you by filling out a form.  The person vouching for you certifies that you live with them and they must still provide 2 proof of residency documents.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6