Dry Lightning Dangers

Dry lightning storms are causing fires in Texoma.  Vernon's Fire Department fought two fires this week because of severe weather.  The lightning storms we have seen in Texoma have been dry and without moisture on the ground, storms have been sparking flames.

Vernon's Fire Chief said this weather has already caused damage in their area.

"We had a thunderstorm come through with no rain just lightning and high winds."

Chief Kent Smead said this storm lit up the sky and it also caused damage for landowners.

"We got a call at 9:30 last night for a grass fire. The fire was started by lightning," he said.

Dry lightning storms passed through Texoma last night and this morning.  It was lightning bolts close to the dry ground that burned this thirty acre field.

"We stayed after for a total of two hours to get a fire line around it and then do some overhaul and put out some hotspots," Smead said.

It took five trucks and more than ten men to control the blaze.  Fire Chief Smead said along with the severe thunderstorms, high winds helped push the flames.

"Usually when we a have a dry lightning storm like that we have high winds and that effects how we fight the fire, we cant put anybody in front of those fires," he said.  "We had winds I think twenty five to thirty mph winds with gusts over forty mph while we were out here."

A second fire also erupted and was caused by lightning.

"Lightning started a pasture and burned into a wheat field," Smead said.

Luckily the landowner was able to contain the flames before it did much damage.  Fire officials said the threat of dry lightning fires will continue to stay over Texoma this weekend.

"According to the weather forecast we have chances for storms I think all weekend into Monday.  Hope that there is some rain with the thunderstorm, that's about the only prevention there is."

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.