Texas Travel and Tourism Week

Every year retailers, hotels and restaurants hope to see cars pulling off the freeways and into Wichita Falls.  Lindsay Greer, Director of the Conventions and Visitors Bureau, said those cars carry a major economic boost.

Greer said, "2010 is the latest numbers we have from the Governor's office that tracks all of that for us.  That's about 178 million dollars in visitor spending that we get in Wichita Falls specifically."

The income is generated from visitors spending the night in local hotels, restaurants and topping off their tanks in the Falls.  Special events and conventions also bring people to town.

"Hotter'N Hell, Ranch Roundup, our downtown festivals and events, all those will bring in people that are bringing revenue from outside our city."

Wichita Falls Mayor Glenn Barham said the goal is to make Wichita Falls a destination.  The Mayor said, "In the last couple of years we've really been promoting tourism.  We want to make this a destination rather than just a spot to stop on the way to somewhere else".

We wanted to know: What happens to the money people spend and the sales tax generated by tourists?

Greer said, "The money that is generated the taxes and things like that, it just helps fuel the economy.  Its just kind of a cyclical thing the more people we get in the more money we have to market and advertise Wichita Falls."

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6