Firefighting Foam

A Texoma volunteer fire department is bringing in new tools to keep you safe.  The Wichita West VFD has recently bought foam to help be better prepared for fires.  The foam actually helps the team fight specific kinds of fires that require more than just water.  Certain types of fires that involve hazardous materials, need more than water to control flames.

Wichita West VFD's Lieutenant says with this new addition, they will be able to put out fires quicker and safer.

Lieutenant Ryan Fetzer said, "This is something exciting.  It is something that is going to help."

For Wichita West VFD, each new five gallon jug means increased safety and decreased firefighting time.

"The foam actually makes it safer for our guys and helps get us off the scene quicker, hopefully with less loss of personal property," Fetzer said.

When mixed with water and sprayed from nozzles, the concentrate can coat surfaces safely.  It creates a film and controls structure fires, vehicle fires, oil fires and some wild land fires.

"It's something new to us it is a heavier duty foam."

Until now, fire fighters have had to get by using lighter weight foam or water and with certain types of fires, Fetzer explained water can hurt more than it helps

"Water can actually make the fire worse just on its own and it also takes a long time to put it out," he said.

He said just last month firefighters worked with only water to extinguish an oil tank fire.

"It took us a little but longer on scene because we were spraying just water into there.  It was really unsafe."

With the newly purchased heavy duty foam, Fetzer said he and his firefighters feel better prepared to fight fires safely.

He said, "We are always preparing for what can come.  The fact that we can now do our job better with this, helps us save more property and it really helps the community."

The new gear totals to about $3,000.  Fire officials said all of the money came from funds the community helped raise through the departments annual craft show.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.