Bilingual Library: Amor Leer Program

The Wichita Falls Public Library is helping parents enhance their children's love for reading by growing its bilingual book collection.

Lupe Aguila visits the Wichita Falls Public Library weekly, keeping her two small children active in books. Lupe heads to the library's Spanish bilingual section which offers a verity of 3,000 bilingual books.

Kathy Vossler, Youth Services Manager, said, "A lot of Hispanic parents have told me that their children might grow up speaking Spanish, but they're not reading Spanish." Vossler added, "Parents want their children to keep practicing so they don't lose those skills as they become adults."

Vossler said two years ago the library received a grant that allowed it to incorporate a bilingual section to the entire book collection. "We are appealing to the entire population of the city, not just a distinct group. We want everybody to use the library."

Library staff said they are currently applying for more grants hoping to provide more bilingual programs. One bilingual program the Wichita Falls Public Library provides is Amo Leer. It's a program where families and young children read, sing, and learn about the Hispanic culture.

A few times a year the Wichita Falls Public Library will host the Amo Leer program. Parents with toddlers and children through the 3rd grade are invited. Families enjoy bilingual stories, songs and fun activities. The event is free and open to all families.

The Wichita Falls Public Library's Amo Leer program also offers parents educational support from local Hispanic leaders and organizations.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6