Texoma Man Accused of Hitting A Child

A 25 year old Texoma man is facing charges, accused of hitting a 3 year old.

Wichita Falls police went to the 4700 block of Taft, April 15. A woman said a neighbor witnessed the woman's great-grandson being slapped in the face by Christopher Gerg.

When the victim and the child's mother got home, she noticed bruising and swelling to his face. The mother said the injuries were caused by another child hitting him with a rock. Police confirmed the injuries, and said they did not appear consistent with the mother's story.

The witness said she had seen the child in the back seat of a vehicle crying and that Gerg was leaning into the backseat area slapping the child in the face several times with both hands.

Police spoke to Gerg about the incident. He reportedly told officers the child had wet himself and was crying. He had reached back to wipe the tears, not to slap him. Gerg is charged with Injury to a Child.