Right Hand Ministries

A Texoma community is coming together to offer a helping hand to struggling families.  Right Hand Ministry in Bowie provides temporary housing for people who are suffering financially and gives them a chance to get back on their feet.

Ministry leaders said they noticed there were not many programs to help people who may have just lost their jobs or who have been evicted from their homes.

"We noticed that there are a lot of facilities out there for the homeless.  There are homeless shelters and food banks and places for people to go but there is a group of people that seem to be overlooked," said Pastor Gary Blanchard, leader of the ministry.

Their focus is to help people in transition with a place to stay.

Donna Klein works with the group.  She said,"We have a lot of people that are below the poverty level so they are struggling just to feed their family."

The program is designed especially for people who have fallen on hard times.

"There is a lot of need in this area," Klein said.

The ministry helps those who have recently been laid off, evicted from their home or are just going through financial hardships.

"What we decided to do was provide transitional housing for two weeks to a month to just give them a chance to get their feet on the ground," Blanchard explained.

It's free to, but there is a condition.  The resident has to go to Workforce Solutions and must be actively looking for work before they can have a key to the house.

"We've seen so many people in the last six months since we started we have seen them have transitional housing and then get their own home and get their new jobs going and it's been so encouraging," said Blanchard.

The project has seen a lot of success and growth in six months.  Right Hand Ministries just received a house as gift last week.  It's a donation from a community member who believes in the ministry and is doing their part to help people get back on their feet.

Blanchard said, "Very soon this house is one that we are going to be providing as a transitional home for someone while they are getting read to move into a new house or wherever else."

For more information, visit Right Hand Ministry's web site by clicking here.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.