Boater Safety

This spring more and more people are heading to Lake Arrowhead for fishing or recreation purposes.

Keeping boaters safe out on the lake is what State Game Warden Eddie Hood is out to do. "We need to educate the people out here on the water." Hood added, "We need to make sure they are going to be more safe."

Safety comes first when the lakes gets crowded. Every game warden on patrol is looking for a few things, wearable life jackets, a throw away safety device, a fire extinguisher and proper registration.

If a boater falls short of anything on the list, Hood said they will pay the price. "At that point in time they'd be issued a citation. It's a class c misdemeanor under the Texas water safety act for noncompliance."

Teens also need to be on the lookout. "When we start seeing more recreation boaters another thing we are looking for is children under 13, they all need to be wearing their life jacket at all times on a boat."

Hood said anyone operating a personal watercraft is required to go at idle speed if they are within 50 feet from any object in the water. They cannot be out on the lake from sunset to sunrise.

Hood commented that boaters also have regulations at night. "One thing is that boaters need to be reminded is that at sunset you are required to have a light on board." Hood added, "A bow or stern light is needed on every boat if they are out at dark."

Practicing safe boating will keep you and other residents out of danger.

Texas State Game Wardens say a new law that went into affect this year requires anyone born after September 1, 1993 now has to go through a boater education course if operating a boat out on the water.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6