Texas Election Landscape: An Interview with Texas AG Abbott

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott visited Newschannel 6 Friday, May 11, 2012.  We had a chance to ask him questions important to our viewers.

With county and city elections just around the corner, we asked the Attorney General Abbott his thoughts on the new redistricting maps and specifically on the uproar the new maps created.

"There's an uproar every time its done," he said.  "We do this once every decade and it's highly partisan.  People battle about it and so we knew what was going to happen."

"To be honest, it turned out a whole lot quicker than last time," he added.

We asked if he felt Texas voters lost the chance to affect the GOP nomination for the presidential election in November because there was such a hold up with the maps.

"Well obviously we would have preferred to have the election sooner.  Ironically, the nomination is not completely over with yet.  It may be Texas that gives Romney the sufficient number of delegates in order for him to clinch the nomination," he answered.

The Texas voter I. D. case has also been a hot button topic this year.  We asked Abbott what his response is to the Justice Department accusing him of holding back the I. D. issue.

"First, this is a law that almost everyone in the entire state agrees with.  Second, I myself have multiple convictions of criminals who have gone up to the polls and voted illegally. Voter I. D. is a law we need in the state of Texas."

"The U.S. Department of Justice began delaying this process going back to last summer and we have been pushing, pushing, pushing and U.S. Department of Justice has been delaying, delaying, delaying at every single turn," he said.

Next, we asked what his thoughts were on President Obama's recent announcement that he now supports same sex marriage.

Abbott responded saying,"It sure seems like he keeps evolving.  At one point in his career he was in favor of same sex marriage and in another point in his career when he was running for president last time, he was against it.  Now he is for it.  Its this kind of political flip-flopping that I think Americans find to be unsettling in either a president or someone who is in a high political office."

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.