Campaign Calling Scams

(BBB)-It's definitely the season for political ads. Scam calls asking if they can count on your financial support are being received.

One Mitt Romney supporter received a bogus call asking her to "help Mitt fight for traditional marriage this election." Another scam to watch out for is a phone call or email claiming someone's checking your eligibility to vote and as proof they want your credit card, or your Social Security Number.

· Remember to be cautious about giving out your financial information over the phone, especially if you have not verified who is calling
· Don't respond to emails asking for your financial information.
· Slow down-if it's a good cause today, it will be a good cause tomorrow. And the election is still months away.

Consumers that have registered with the Do Not Call list are confused as to why they are still receiving these calls.

1) The Do Not Call list does not include political messages and

2) Con artists certainly do not follow the Do Not Call rules.