Taking Off: Bowie Airport Grant

The Bowie Municipal Airport is doing much needed upgrades to improve rides and safety. The airport will use a $1,600,000 TXDOT grant to refurbish taxiways.

Improvements will soon be underway on the Bowie Municipal Airports taxiways. TXDOT officials evaluated the airport runways and taxiways and had some concerns.

Stony Lowrance, Bowie's Airport Manager, said, "We did have major cracking and deterioration and their recommendation at that time was to do a total reconstruction of the taxiways."

A total reconstruction will be needed because the runways are a safety hazard. "With the deterioration of the asphalt, when an aircraft is taxing or landing the asphalt could be ingested to the propeller." Lowrance added, "That actually can cause damage to the propeller of that aircraft."

The airport is getting $1,600,000 of TXDOT's Aviation Facilities Grant Program. Lowrance said reconstruction will happen in three phases over the next three years.

"We spilt it up to ease it on the city and we didn't want to inconvenience the flying public."

Lowrance said for the frequent users, take offs and landings will soon be a smoother ride. "We want nice taxiways and runways for our customers." Lowrance added, "You're dealing with some high dollar aircrafts and you don't want anything to happen to their aircrafts."

The Bowie Municipal Airport averages between 250 to 300 take offs and landings per month. Officials hope the improvements generate more airport traffic.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6