Lifesaving Lesson: Vernon College Grant

The Vernon College EMT Paramedic program is going high tech. Recent funding will provide new equipment for all emergency medical technicians in training.

$228,048 will be improving Vernon College's EMT Paramedic program thanks to a Texas Comptroller Grant.

Dr. Gary Don Harkey, Dean of Instructional Services, commented, "It's going to enable us to provide a quality learning experience for our students." Harkey added, "It's going to give them the skills they need and benefit the communities they go into after they leave Vernon College."

The college will be purchasing a new state-of-the-art heart cardiac monitoring unit and two different types of simulation mannequins.

Harkey said, "They're high fidelity simulation mannequins. Their skin looks real and feels real, when you give an injection or a shot it's very life like."

Kenny Hoffman, AMR's Operations Supervisor, said the high tech training equipment will definitely be an advantage for students going through the program.

"It will be a tremendous help to get the students a little more hands-on ready." Hoffman added, "Anytime they can get skills through Vernon College then come out here and better take care of patients, that's benefiting everybody."

Providing quality learning for Vernon College EMT and Paramedic students is what Dr. Harkey plans for. "What we're providing is a higher learning experience for our current and future students."

Vernon's EMT Paramedic program is offered at the Wichita Falls campus. College staff said all the new equipment will be ready this coming fall, for the next school year.

Vernon College averages around 60 students in its EMT Paramedic program. The program consists of three levels, Basic EMT, Advanced EMT and Paramedic. A paramedic certification is a two year program.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6