Stoplight Solution

A dangerous intersection near Bowie and Montague is getting much needed attention.  Crews are working to install a traffic light at Highway 59 and FM 1758.

Right now there is a stop sign for traffic heading east and west, but still people in the area say they see too many accidents.

Highway 59 is busy and drivers moving at high speeds have made this intersection unsafe.  Cars zip up and down Highway 59 between Bowie and Montague.  With only a stop sign at the intersection with FM 1758, residents say this has been a site to several car accidents.

"We've had a lot of wrecks right in our parking lot."

Ken Wood works at this busy intersection.  Several accidents have spilled over into his works' property.

"I've seen a least five or six accidents since I've been here over the last ten years," said Woods.

He says the stop signs don't always seem to help alleviate the dangers.

"We've got a lot of wreck less people around.  They like to come right up to it and look right quick and then go on, but the trouble is they don't look long enough before they pull out into the intersection."

After seeing so many accidents, people in the area have asked for something to be done.

"It's something that has been on the table for the last I guess year or so," Woods said.

Now lights are being installed.

He said, "It's kind of a dangerous location so it's a good thing they are finally going to put these traffic lights up."

A city official says a red light will be installed for east and west traffic and an amber light for drivers traveling along Highway 59.  People like Ken hope this will finally put an end to this dangerous intersection.

"People will be more mindful of what they are doing if they stop, look both ways."

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.