Senior Center Shortfall: Clay County Senior Citizen Center

The tables have turned and now Clay County Senior Citizens Center needs the communities help. The non-profit's funding is getting stretched thin.

Nearly $20,000 of Clay County Senior Citizen Centers grant money has been cut. Director Donna Cervantez said, "If it continues we're going to have a hard struggle. Cervantez added, "That's why I'm pleading to the community to please step up help us out. Now we do need your help."

Support is what the senior center needs. With funding being slashed and donations being low times are really rough.

"When you rely on that funding to help out in maintenance or to pay the bills, it's hard. We're also short Meals On Wheels drivers."

Terry Reed, Senior Centers Board President, volunteers every week to help out. Reed commented, "They think because we get grants from Meals On Wheels and other foundations that we're just flushed with cash." Reed added, "That's not the story here, we need all the help we can get."

Cervantez wants the community to know the senior center is not just for seniors, but for everyone. The center provides activity rooms that can be rented out, daily lunch that's open to the public and art classes for kids and the family.

Cervantez commented, "We need to you to come in even if it's just to eat a meal once a week. Anything helps us out."

Texomans have a chance to head outdoors and help the center this weekend. A memorial fun run-walk is being held Saturday in Henrietta. The majority of the proceeds raised from the 3rd annual Lyndon Laseman Memorial will be given to the Clay County Senior Citizen Center, and two other programs. 

You can also donate by calling the senior center any day of the week at (940) 538-5615.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6