Help for Hurt Heroes

Volunteer fire firefighters do so much for the community and now you have a chance to give back.  May 18, 2012, the county is celebrating VFD appreciation day in honor of heroes who have been hurt in the line of duty.

The county will participate in a fundraiser for the Archer County Emergency Services Association Relief Fund.

It's something the county has been doing for five years and leaders of the group say its something that's needed and appreciated by volunteer firefighters.

"It just shows that there are folks that care about them and that are willing to go the extra mile to help them out," said John Strenski is Fire Chief for Bowman VFD.

He said the event is something Archer County volunteer firefighters look forward to.

"We are hoping for a huge turnout."

The event is this Saturday and is all in an effort to not just thank Archer's volunteer firefighters, but also to raise money for heroes who have been hurt.

"Designed to offset some bills that may be incurred if firemen or other emergency workers are injured in the line of duty for Archer County," said Strenski.

Angel Golson is president of the Archer County Emergency Services Association.  She said the money raised has really been a help to injured firemen in the past.

"The money is raised to help them and their families," said Golson.

Over the last few years, the event has benefited firefighters only, but another group of emergency responders has recently been added.

"Archer City ambulance did not qualify before under our by-laws because they are a paid service. With the recent events involving the Archer ambulance accident, we are now changing our by-laws so that those folks are also covered," said Strenski.

Two Archer County volunteer fire fighters were hurt in the accident in Wichita Falls, one was left paralyzed.  Money raised at the event will go to them and their families.

Fire Chief Strenski said it means a lot to see the community step up.

"To see folks actually turn out and say hey thank you we appreciate what you do, we know that you don't have to do this, that you are not getting paid for this it's incredible."

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.