Summer Reading Program

While most Texoma students will kick off their long-awaited break from the classroom next weekend, the Wichita Falls Public Library wants to make sure your kiddos aren't taking a break from learning too.

Kathy Vossler, Youth Services Manager at Wichita Falls Public Library, said, "We definitely encourage kids to pick up something they just really wanna read over the Summer and that way they are not just sitting in front of the TV or sitting in front of video games, um, all day long."

The hope is that the summer reading program could change their attitude altogether. "The purpose of this is to get children to read and to want to read. Because I know they do a lot of reading during the school year and sometimes it's not the most interesting reading that they can do. So they kind of get this idea that reading isn't fun and that's not the case at all," said Erin Warzala, Children's Librarian at Wichita Falls Public Library.

But it's not just for students, parents are encouraged to take part, as well. "If your children aren't reading yet, we definitely encourage parents to read to them as much as possible."

It's easy, thanks to the library's new online program. You can access it in the palm of your hand, using your smart phone. Just scan a code to track your reading progress. The program goes live May 29th.

Program directors said it's about making learning fun. So if your kids need a boost to pick up a book, the library keeps them motivated with cool prizes!

The library's calendar is booked with special performers from all over the world and program directors said these events offer kids the opportunity to explore different cultures and their interests.

"Maybe they'll see a magician and think, "That's what I wanna do." Maybe they'll see a singer and they'll think, "I wanna be a singer when I grow up... So, it's great bringing all this culture and different opportunities for children to just interact with each other and just see something that they don't see every day."

Brittany Glas, Newschannel 6.