Escaped Inmate Commits Suicide

New developments in the escaped inmate manhunt. Haywood County Sheriff's Office said Donald McFadden Orange II, 29, made his way to North Carolina.

Sheriff's Office received a call Tuesday Morning, May 22, of a breaking and entering. A woman said when she got home, she noticed a blue and white truck parked in her driveway. The homeowner said as she went through the backdoor, she noticed the door had been broken into and was opened.

When she went inside her house, she said she saw a man. The woman said the man told her he was in the wrong house. She said he then walked out of the house and got into his blue and white truck. The woman called 911.

The Sheriff sent deputies out and spotted a blue and white truck on Highway 140. Deputies said they attempted to pull the truck over. Sheriff Shuttles said the man driving the truck sped up and lead deputies on a high speed chase for about 15 minutes. Deputies were able to blow out the truck's two front tires.

The Sheriff said when the truck came to a stop, deputies approached the vehicle. When deputies got to the truck, they said Orange shot himself with a shotgun. Sheriff Shuttles said it's under investigation.

An official in Parker County told Newschannel 6 Orange escaped from jail on Friday, May 18. Parker County officials said he stole a law enforcement truck. Helicopters, dogs, and Sheriff Deputies searched for him.

Orange later abandon the pickup after a Deputy spotted him, he then fled on foot. At 11:30 a.m. Saturday he forcibly entered a home off Highway 148 in Jack County and tied up a victim and stole a vehicle.

The Archer County Sheriff's Office said Orange could have been spotted at a convenience store in Archer City Monday, May 21.

At 3:30 Monday morning Sergeant Dwyer, with Archer County Sheriff's Office, said a blue truck was parked outside of the Allsups Convenience Store in Archer City. Sergeant Dwyer said the Allsups employee said a suspicious white slender male with a shaved head walked up and down the aisles, but never purchased anything.

At one point a woman delivering the newspaper walked in, then the man walked out. That's when the employee then saw Orange's mug shot in the paper. The Allsups employee is convinced it was him. Sergeant Dwyer said Texas Rangers are working with Allsups headquarters to get surveillance footage.