Archer Ambulance

Archer City has a new emergency vehicle.  Archer lost an ambulance that was hit by another vehicle last month.  With the help of an emergency grant, a brand new ambulance is now in its place.

The ambulance was hit by a car, flipped on its side and was completely totaled.

"We wanted to work on getting this new ambulance in service as soon as we could," said George Huffman, Archer's city manager.

When the Archer City ambulance was involved in a collision in Wichita Falls, a lot of damage was done.  Two emergency responders were injured,one was left paralyzed and the ambulance those men were in was completely damaged.

"The ambulance that was involved in the accident was totaled," Huffman said.

He said with one ambulance out of commission, responders were down to their back-up truck.

"It's got over 100,000 miles on it, but it's still in good shape."

Other companies and cities stepped in to offer their trucks until archer city could replace the damaged truck.

"Transtar had loaned us one ambulance.  The city of Bowie had loaned us an ambulance for a stand by," he said.

That was all until Archer City ambulance service was able to purchase a brand new truck.  It's outfitted with the latest in emergency response technology and supplies.

"With the new ambulance its a much bigger ambulance more stable."

Buying a new ambulance can be very pricey, but Archer City was able to purchase the truck without costing the city any money.  They received an emergency grant from the state and for more than $97,000.  They combined that with $27,000 in insurance money from the accident.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.