Crisis Communication

Newschannel 6 is learning more about the step by step process law enforcement agencies go through in order to communicate in a crisis situation.

In a crisis situation all law enforcement agencies are working towards one thing. Sheriff Kenny Lemons, Clay County Sheriff, commented, "Law enforcement as a whole work together to do the right thing and catch the bad guy, no matter what jurisdiction its in."

Under Clay Counties jurisdiction, County Sheriff Lemons said in any emergency getting the word out to deputies, surrounding counties and media is top priority. Sheriff Lemons said it all goes through a DPS's communication system.

Sheriff Lemons said, "Information goes out over a DPS owned system and we send that out to all the area agencies." Sheriff Lemons added, "Everybody would receive this information instantaneously."

Once the information is dispersed each law enforcement agency dispatch center would receive the message. Sheriff Lemons said even though Donald McFadden Orange II was never seen in Clay County, the Sheriff's Office stayed in the loop.

Sheriff Lemons said, "The agency that's putting it out they do it clearly with as much information as they can and update it routinely."

DPS Texas rangers also help if needed. Texas Rangers officials said the Texas Fusion Center, in Austin stands as a central location for shared information in a crisis situation.

The Clay County Sheriff Office said all agencies have pretty similar rules when it comes to crisis protocol.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6