Holliday Home Funding

More than half a million dollars has just been awarded to the city of Holliday.  It's all coming from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.  The funds would go towards home repairs and rebuilding.

A spokesperson from the housing department said funding like this for smaller towns is uncommon.  It's usually larger counties and cities that receive help for housing, but for Holliday the funds could be helpful.

"I think it'll be great.  A lot of people over here need help," said Holliday resident Sharon Dooney.

Residents of Holliday say for some households, home improvements are greatly needed.

"There are a lot of neighbors and older people, disabled people with their home in disrepair and it would be so beneficial to them," Dooney said.

Money for home improvements could help fill those needs.  Over a half a million dollars is being awarded to Holliday from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.

Gordon Anderson works for the department and he said their goal behind the money is simple.

"Expand a supply of safe, decent and affordable housing for low income residents," Anderson said.

The money being awarded to Holliday would go towards revitalizing neighborhoods and helping families maintain their home ownership.

"All of those $522,000 is going to either making substantial home repairs or in many cases, simply tearing the house down and rebuilding it," Anderson explained.

Applications will have to be filled out from eligible households.

Anderson said, "The first and primary criterion for eligibility is the income eligibility."

Those who qualify have to make less than $44,650 for a four person household.

"It can be a very important thing to help retain the vitality of smaller communities," said Anderson.

The money is not available yet.  Holliday's city manager says the city still has to sign their half of the contract with the housing department.  It could be another six months before they begin accepting applications for home improvements.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.