W.F. Principal Changing Schools

Students attending Zundy Junior High School this fall will find a new face at the helm. Omar Montemayor is leaving his current position as principal of Sam Houston Elementary, to take the principal position at Zundy.

Montemayor spoke with Newschannel 6 about the challenges that come with educating middle school students. He said, "I think just with the age, the students are adolescents it is a very tumultuous time for them. They have decision making time for them, they're getting to be young adults and they're thinking like young adults."

Montemayor is a 28 year veteran of the Wichita Falls ISD and he even has a personal connection with the hallways of Zundy. "My kids went from parochial school to Zundy and they prepared them well. Their teachers were excellent with my kids so I am proud to be an Eagle."

One Wichita Falls resident we spoke with also had a personal ties with Montemayor and his time as Principal of Sam Houston. She said, "He was my principal back then, when I was ten years old so that's about 10 years ago." She also added she would not be surprised to see more parents sending their kids to Zundy, with Montemayor leading the way.

Other parents and residents we spoke with are also happy for his success. One woman, picking her grandson up from Sam Houston, said, "Just  because he's moving don't mean we can't go visit him. He's a very polite principal, he's very liked, and he loves the kids as much as we do."

Montemayor has been praised for his work at Sam Houston, especially within the Hispanic community. He stressed that the goal is always to help any and all children.

"Zundy is a little bit like Sam Houston we are at 63 percent Hispanic and they do have a large Hispanic population but that's really not an issue. When you come into teaching it's because you want to teach every child."

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6