Get Out And Play: Electra Park Upgrades

With summer just around the corner, the City of Electra is making some changes so its community can enjoy a city with more family activities.

Electra is renovating its park with new fun equipment and activities. Veronica Kimbro, Electra's Parks Committee Chair, said, "We want to invite family and kids of all ages, but we also want to show people that the city is improving."

Kimbro said the city's park is undergoing much needed upgrades. Phase one added new playground equipment and safety fencing. Phase two is adding a sand volleyball and basketball court. Phase three is still in the works.

"We're looking at possibly adding a small splash pad and possibly a walking area throughout the park." Kimbro added, "There's several things on the table that are still being discussed for the next stage."

Katherine Cumpton, Electra's Communication Coordinator, said the city is making changes for the future. "It's declined in the past and we're having to compete with air conditioned indoors and video games." Cumpton added, "We're trying to create an area where people can come and experience a community."

The cities pool admission has been lowered and pool hours have been extended. Cumpton commented, "We're hoping that making it more accessible in the evening will help with the summer heat."

Electra city officials said funding, to renovate the park, is coming partly from a city fund and state grants. The city plans to start construction on the last phase this fall.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6