Tree and Brush Limb Disposal Options

Monday night's storm scattered tree and brush limbs all over Wichita Falls residents' yards, leaving them with a lot more to get rid of than just garbage. City officials are now helping to make this clean up a little easier.

The City of Wichita Falls has opened a part of Kiwanis Park, on 4400 Southwest Parkway, for residents to dispose of brush and tree limbs.

To get there, enter Kiwanis Park and follow the cones to the back or north side of the park, near the cemetery. There you can unload the material. Only brush and tree limbs are allowed at the site. Treated material or plastic bags won't be accepted.

The location will be open 24 hours a day until Monday, June 11th.

Residents can also use the City Landfill for brush and limb disposal, located at 10984 Wiley Road, at no charge. The Transfer Station is not available because it's closed for repairs.

Citizens are encouraged to take advantage of these disposal methods, because there's no curbside pickup of brush and tree limbs. The pick up is only available for debris placed in a green curbside recycling bin for the regular Wednesday yard waste pick up.

The City's Covered Load Ordinance is in effect which means all loads must be covered.

For more information you can contact the city Sanitation Division at 761-7977.