Damage Control

Texoma's recent severe weather is not only leaving a messy trail, but also costing residents thousand of dollars in damages.

To avoid any damage from Texoma's severe weather, every resident needs to be prepared.   
Darrel Walker, State Farm Agent, said, "Who ever your carrier is go in and talk to that insurance agent. Sit down with them and review your coverage."

Darrel and Carol Walker said they have received 122 homeowner claims and 16 auto claims from Monday night's severe weather storms. Carol Walker commented, "Of those claims, most of them were wind claims as a result of the weather."

Carol Walker said taking preventable steps to avoid damage can save you time and money. You can buy impact resistant roofing, special shutters to protect windows and make sure your car is covered during hail storm.

If your home or car does get damaged, the walkers said you need to file fast. "You should be weather conscious and take action fast."

Carol Walker added, also meet with your agent to find out what your policy covers.

State Farm Wichita Falls officials say no matter when you file a claim their agents are available 24-7. Depending on the severity of your damage, your claim will be taken care of first.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6