Wichita Falls Now Stage 2 In Drought Warning

Wichita Falls residents, watch your water usage. New water restrictions are now in effect.

The city is at Stage 2 of the drought warning. City Council members approved the new stage, June 4th, at their meeting.

The ordinance have been enforced and tickets have been issued since June 11th.

Your Stage 2 Water Use Restrictions:

  1. All irrigation (residential and commercial) will be reduced to once a week, Monday through Friday, based on the Water Rationing Zone Map.
  2. No irrigating on weekends.
  3. No spray irrigating between the hours of 11am and 6pm, on any day (year round restriction).
  4. No washing of vehicles, except at a commercial car wash, detail shop, car dealership or automotive shop.
  5. No fund raising car washes
  6. No washing sidewalks, driveways or concrete slabs, unless it is an immediate health risk.

Year round rules and restrictions are still in place and include: 

  1. Absolutely no spray/sprinkler watering from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  2. Soaker hoses, drip irrigation and bubblers can be used anytime.
  3. Hand watering can be done anytime but the hose MUST have an attachment with a shutoff nozzle.

For more about water use restrictions and what citizens can do to conserve water, "like" the City's Facebook page or sign up for free email notifications through "Notify Me" on the City's website.

Mailings went out June 3rd, informing residents about the new restrictions. The notifications include a map showing the water rationing zones and a cover letter describing drought conditions to each water account.

If you didn't receive or misplaced the letter, you can find a copy of it here.

Newschannel 6 Jack Lamson has an in depth look at this new stage, with more answers on how the change will affect residents and business owners. You can find that story here.

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The city released 100 different ways to help you save water. You can find that information here.