"Click It Or Ticket" 2012 Results

Hundreds of Texomans are not buckling up, and Wichita Falls Police have the results to prove it.

The Wichita Falls Police Department has completed the 2012 "Click It Or Ticket It" program, an initiative that targets the compliance with state safety restraint laws.

The program ran from May 21st through June 3rd.

The following results were reported:

  • style="text-align: left;">Seat Belt Citations: 286
  • style="text-align: left;">Child Restraint Citations: 7
  • style="text-align: left;">Other Citations: 57
  • style="text-align: left;">Arrests: 4
  • style="text-align: left;">Hours Worked: 229
  • style="text-align: left;">Miles Driven: 1862

Newschannel 6 Brittany Glas spoke with some of the men and women behind the program and how it's made a big impact on road safety in Texoma. You can find the full story here.