Doing Your Part in the Drought

There are ways you can save water every day in your home. In addition to saving water by following the new city regulations, there are small changes you can make in order to have an impact.

Public Utilities Operations Manager Daniel Nix said, "Checking your toilets to see if you have a flapper valve that's leaking is a very easy thing to do.  It takes about 2 minutes."

The flapper valve is what separates the water in the tank from the water in the bowl. They're not expensive and they're easy to replace. "It can save you money on your water bill."

Testing for a leaky valve is easy:

  1. Take some food coloring and poor it in the toilets tank.
  2. Don't flush it! Walk away and wait to see if colored water seeps from the tank into the bowl.
  3. If there's colored water in the bowl, you've got a leak.

We found flapper valves online for about 10 dollars. Nix said you can save hundreds of gallons of water each year.

There are also ways to save outside in the garden. Paul Dowlearn is Co-Owner of the Wichita Valley Nursery. He said, "Number 1 choose the right plant. Number 2 do soil improvement, composting, I don't build a bed anywhere unless I put compost in it, then mulch those beds.  The mulch will protect that ground and keep it from drying out."

Dowlearn also said its important to get water deep into the soil, so spraying your plants can be ineffective. "You're going to get use of all your water if you water slowly and deeply and it doesn't have to be a sophisticated system. You can simply turn your water hose on to where its just dripping and move it around the yard."

You can find a list of all the restrictions and watering zones on the city web site, and a list of water saving tips, here.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6