Oil Bowl 75th

Saturday kicked off the 75th annual Oil Bowl in the Falls. Officials said they're working to keep the game tradition alive. Over the past years attendance has dropped.

Playing in the 75th annual Oil Bowl put on by the Maskat Shriners is a dream for all of the players, year after year. It's the coaches and players who keep the tradition alive.

Gary Hill, General Chairman of the Oil Bowl, said, "This game has survived about every kind of adversary that you can have." Hill added, "It's still a game that's exciting, coaches and players want to be a part of it and there's much enthusiasm."

Hill said the enthusiasm is not all there on the attendance side. "The players and coaches want to come here and be a part of it." Hill added, "For some reason the willingness of the population to come out has dwindled."

Without the support of citizens, the Oil Bowl tradition can be in jeopardy. "It cost a lot of money to produce the game and if it gets to the point were we can't sell enough tickets, the game will go away."

Hill said all proceeds from the game go to help and treat children at all Shriners hospitals.

Oil Bowl kicked off Saturday at 7:30pm at Memorial Stadium. Tailgate started at 10:30 till noon on the west side of the stadium.

This year Rider High School's head coach Jim Garfield lead team Texas.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6